If dating strangers is hard, try marrying one…

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Marriage is probably the most widely accepted man-made social construct and is often referred to as a “cultural universal” by sociologists or anthropologists. A cultural universal is defined as:

“The anthropological name for something done, in some form or other, by every human culture around the world. This includes language, religion, music, art, war, families, gender roles, laws, taboos, personal names, etiquette, morals, etc.”

Many studies indicate that marriage might have been an evolutionary construct built by humans as they evolved from their primitive forms millions of years ago, and gradually became a more “social” animal.

One primary reason for…

And it is not only legal but also a compliment to their skill.

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The best part about reading other’s work is that you’re able to learn about their thought process more than you likely would if you spoke to them for the same length of time.

If you’re a writer, it also allows you to learn from their style and way of writing, and you’re free to incorporate some of your favorite styles into your own and no one will question you for it. …

How you can relieve yourself from the discomfort it causes

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Cognitive Dissonance is the psychological term for the most common mental conflicts each of us faces every day. Yet, it is something that most of us are unable to identify and put a name to and in turn, fail to resolve, for our lack of understanding of the concept.

Cognitive dissonance is defined as:

A situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. This produces a feeling of mental discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes, beliefs or behaviors to reduce the discomfort and restore balance.

Have you ever wondered why a person smokes with the complete knowledge…

Why should toys have all the fun?

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The Iconic Potato Head | blperk, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Making our daily conversational language more gender-inclusive and ensuring we lose any inherent biases in our everyday life has been everyone’s endeavor in a modern world that strives towards equality.

Discrimination isn’t always intentional and is mostly incidental and sub-conscious. However, a correction of such behavior more often than not needs to be intentional.

What if you’re just a toy company making simple old toys for the kids? Does that exempt you from social responsibility? Clearly not. For every Barbie, there must be a Ken. And Hasbro, the leading toy brand has signaled their intent in creating a more “welcome…

Here's a view from a parent who has a 26 month old who is fully potty trained - without us having really trained him ever - and someone who likes you believe in baby-led everything - no cry-it-out, no specific disciplining etc. from us:

on #1 - we never used the porta-potties, but we bought the little baby seats you can put on top of your toilet seat - so they sit nicely and do their business in your pot - no cleaning

#2- the only "training" we ever did was leave him without pants for 2-3 days, he was…

When scientific innovation combined with unparalleled valor

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Alexander the Great | Image via Wikimedia Commons

The world has made great advancements in terms of warfare — and today’s fighter jets and unmanned drones are probably 2nd to none in terms of the damage and scientific advancement.

However, ancient warcfare has no luxury of such modern wonders and weapons, yet it had its own charm in being all the more “real” in terms of the bravery and the battles between men.

It is for a reason that Gladiators were “entertainers” as much as they were “warriors” because seeing men battle for their lives was a thrill to many, not necessarily because they all liked death, but…

The racist killer naively named himself after the German-hating Benjamin Franklin.

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Mugshot by Missouri Department of Corrections

Criminals and murderers most often in their own minds aren’t really committing a crime at all. They’re either just satisfying their inner urges that seem to them like the right thing to do, and in some cases, they’re even doing something for the greater good of the world — creating a revolution. Some of you may have read about Lonnie Franklin aka The Grim Sleeper, who took it upon himself to cleanse the streets of Los Angeles of drug-addicted prostitutes.

Or a more universally-known figure of Adolf Hitler, the man who shook the world with his attempts at exterminating the…

A distant dream of an eternal optimist — one day, some day

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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

First of all kudos to President Biden for living up to his promise of bringing in the most diverse cabinet in the history of the United States.

With the unique, yet appalling distinction of bringing in the first woman Vice President to the White House, he had certainly shown promise and now seems to have kept his broader word on the cabinet too.

I say appalling because I can’t be the only one sitting and wondering why arguably, and supposedly, the most progressive superpower of the world, only found an able woman leader in a 49th attempt.

Oh, and we…

Actively keeping your writer’s hat on while reading is key

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Photo by Levi XU on Unsplash

I’ve always been the laziest when it came to reading. If you’re going to judge a person’s intellect or intellectual curiosity by what and how much he’s read, you’re going to judge me as a very dumb guy. I wouldn’t even have too many arguments in defense.

However, in my mind, it isn’t about how much you consume as a reader, it is often about how you consume.

I could run through fifty amazing books in a year, but I may still come out on the other side as the same guy I was a year ago. The true value…

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