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I’ve written for over three years under this pseudonym. Today, I am ready to write under my real name.

Hi — I am Pranshu Dwivedi.

I was 14 years old and studied in ninth grade. Our mid-term exams had been graded, and our English teacher was declaring the results. She came in beaming and proud. The principal of our school was also the English teacher of grades 11th and 12th.

“I am coming straight from the principal’s office,” she announced.

Usually, that meant trouble. But she seemed too happy, almost child-like excited, so we were hoping that wasn’t the case.

“The principal agrees that three of the essays from this class are as good or better than some of what she has read with the much older kids in 12th grade.”

A murmur went through the class as everyone wanted to put their guesses out on who those three would be. I was quietly hoping I’d at least be one of the three.

She then announced the names — the first two names weren’t mine — they were two of my best friends.

“The third one also happens to have scored the highest in the overall exam. It is Pranshu Dwivedi.”

I was usually a class topper growing up but high school English was a slightly different beast.

It wasn’t only about knowing your syllabus well but also about creativity and control of a language that wasn’t native to any of us. Most Indians end up fairly fluent in English — but fluency doesn’t always come with finesse.

Shibani Ma’am, our beloved English teacher, was all about finesse and not just about following the rules of grammar.

I was ecstatic.

It was the first time I ever dared to think I could do so much as write well in English.

I still shudder to think that only two years later when I was in 11th grade, Shibani Ma’am, a lovely human being, was murdered by her own son — but that’s another horrifying story.

Since then, penning down my thoughts, into poems or random notes, became somewhat of a hobby.



Pranshu "Maverick" Dwivedi

Stay-at-home-dad who "retired" from a 12-year career in finance at the age of 35. Curious thinker with an opinion on nearly everything and is here to share it.