Youth is Giving Up On Marriages and 9-to-5 Jobs for the Same Reason

The underlying mindset shift has common roots

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4 min readFeb 18, 2022


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“I still remember how I looked forward to each day when it all started. The initial phase was so good,” my friend Andy recalled as we sat at a cafe catching up after a long time.

He had recently finished ten years of marriage with his wife — a whole decade of togetherness.

“I’d get out of bed looking forward to another great day. It was everything I had wanted and worked so hard to finally get,” he continued to reminisce.

Well, I did remember he had tried to impress Anita, his wife, throughout the four years of college and had only managed to get a date with her in the final year.

The marriage took another three years of dating, and convincing.

“But, lately, none of it excites me anymore. Every day is a bit of a struggle and I can hardly drag myself through each day. The passion is all gone. I don’t know if it’s been too long or something has changed. Plus, there are so many options out there, maybe those are a better fit for me. I have to try.”

I was worried now as the thought of seeing my two best friends from college part ways wasn’t a pleasant one.

“Andy, you seem fairly far along in your thought process, but have you ever spoken to Anita about it? Does she feel the same?”

“Well, I did speak to her about it, and she wants me to do what I feel is best for me. She doesn’t feel as strongly about it but will support me in my decision, whatever it may be.”

Wow! I thought how brave Anita was and how kind of her to let Andy consider separation with her if that’s what he wanted. She didn’t even have a strong view?

That seemed odd having known Anita. She would surely be emotionally invested in something like a decade-long marriage.

“That’s very generous and understanding of her. She is placing a lot of trust in you to choose what’s right for both of you. Are you looking for a break or divorce is what’s on your mind?” I managed to ask after careful consideration.



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