The Prize for the Most Blatant Plagiarism Goes to…

Because we must protest such behavior for a shot at fair play

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3 min readJun 13, 2022


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My dear friend Terry L. Cooper recently wrote about a guy who has been blatantly stealing content and paraphrasing it as his own — and claiming that it went through “plagiarism detectors” as clean.

The guy’s called Anshul Kumar and his profile is here:

I wanted to tag him to be fair but seems like he’s blocked me before I could since I left a warning out on Terry’s article.

But unfortunately for him, my memory’s good enough for me to do this article enough justice — and the rest can be done by the readers to check for themselves.

For the record, if a bank was robbed but the cameras didn’t catch it — doesn’t mean the robbers aren’t guilty. Get it?

So here are his blatantly copied articles and the originals.

I am also going to tag the editors so they can take the required action based on their own judgment. These editors build amazing publications and can’t catch all these idiots but it doesn’t mean it is their fault.

So, I’ll do the right thing by tagging them and giving them a heads up.

#1 — Publication: Startup Stash | Editors: Startup Stash

Copied article:

Original article below — Jake Wilder — sir, I am sorry your hard work has been blatantly copied. Just take a look and you’ll see why you need to report this guy to Medium.

#2 — Original article outside of Medium on Fast Company



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