The Hidden Superfood Nobody Told You About

It’s called a nut but isn’t really one — did you guess it yet?

Pranshu "Maverick" Dwivedi


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I make a huge claim in the subtitle there — but I am also ready to bet my bottom dollar that 90% of you or more will not have guessed it right.

It just isn’t a food I’ve seen people talk about enough when they talk about superfoods and essentially foods with amazing health benefits and high concentrations of nutrients.

The last time I’d really had this food was when I was a kid — and my mom would roast these and add some salt to make one of my favorite snacks.

Yet, somewhere in the middle of my childhood, it exited my world, and while I’d occasionally see and eat it now and then but the interactions were far too rare to be significant.

Moreover, I’d only ever seen it as a random food with probably no real health benefits — it seemed too light and hollow to have any kind of nutrients at all.

Without much more mystery — I introduce to you the fox nut.

What are Fox Nuts?

Fox nuts should be renamed faux nuts and that might be more accurate a description.

Fox nuts aren’t actually nuts at all. They’re in fact water-lily seeds! They’re often misunderstood to be lotus seeds, given the similarity and the “general” likeness with the water lotus — but they’re actually water-lily seeds.

Talupu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They’re a very common and culturally used food in India — thanks to which it was a snack for me growing up as a child in India.

Once the seeds are dried and popped by roasting — the usual way they’re eaten — they have an extremely light and fluffy texture to them, and you’d be excused to assume that it barely has anything in it let alone nutrients.

What are the nutrients I am so excited about?

Well, what’s not to like about a fox nut?

100 grams of fox nuts contains nearly 10 grams of protein — that is a LOT of protein. As a comparison, 100…



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