Shocking Daylight Murder and Instant Revenge by Victim’s Boyfriend

Lizbeth Mass paid the price of being friendly and unsuspecting.

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4 min readJul 1, 2021
Lizbeth Mass | Image Source

CCTVs are like those silent observers that observe everything that happens around them without uttering a word.

But when they watch something that they can’t keep silent about, the world watches in shock and horror. A video from CCTV footage in City Island captured from a construction site reveals something that could easily be a scene from an action movie and still leave you shocked.

From what’s visible in the video, a car rams into an old man who’s getting on his bicycle and flings him a fair distance into a warning sign at the construction site. As the old man grabs the sign to get back on his feet, surprisingly unharmed from the car hit, the car drives back in reverse — unmanned, and hits the man with its open door.

The owner of the car, who apparently put the car in reverse and jumped off it, then runs over to the old man, pins him to the hood of the car, and beats him up brutally.

As bystanders try to intervene, another man stops them telling them something that almost makes the car driver the good guy.

Shocking isn’t it? Why would a man be allowed to ram an old guy with his car first and then beat him up?

For that, we’ll need to rewind a bit and take you to what had happened in the moments before this heated exchange.

Meet Lizbeth Mass, the “Mayor of City Island”

Lizbeth Mass, 52, was a woman who was kind and friendly, and also a rarity as a seasoned female construction worker. She had such a pleasant demeanor that she made friends easily. So much so that her popularity gave her the nickname of the “Mayor of City Island” amongst her friends and acquaintances.

It would be this friendly nature that would cost her life.

Mass worked as a construction worker which meant most of her days were spent in broad daylight working on construction sites. At one such project, she developed a friendship with a man in the neighborhood who started bringing her lunch to the site.



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