Same-Sex Marriages, Racial Equality and Childree People are American Evils

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Pranshu "Maverick" Dwivedi


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Imagine being an individual or a family with dreams to move to the land of dreams that America is supposed to be.

And finally, you have that opportunity, your visa application is accepted, and you are ready to move to the land of the free — the two of you — husband, wife, and your teenage son.

You’re on the plane that’s supposed to fly you away from the horrors and limitations of your own country to the limitless opportunities and luxuries of America.

That’s when horror strikes.

You have a series of disastrous experiences, all of which come as a rude reminder that your expectations of America are far from reality.

Disaster 1 — Same-sex couple

You’re making small talk with the woman on the seat in front of you. When she tells you she’s with her partner too, you enquire about her husband, only to realize that her partner is actually a female.

Scandalizing, isn’t it?

Disaster 2 — Vegetarianism

Just when you’re about to dig your teeth into a rather tempting meatball, you’re interrupted by the air hostess who wants you to stop eating because the “vegetarian” passengers in the adjacent seat are “hurt” by the sight of meat, and as a “democracy” you’ve got to respect their sentiments.

You’re left feeling rather cheated, and understandably angry.

Disaster 3 — The Childless

You’re seated with your teenage son, but of course, some people in the world choose not to have kids.

Apparently, the folks behind your row are childless by choice, so much so that they can’t stand a child in their “peripheral vision” so you’re politely (not so much) asked by the air hostess to move seat — all three of you.

Just because the folks behind you can’t be traumatized by the sight of a child.

Disaster 4 — The Black Privilege



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