Dear US-based Medium Writers — Please Make Our Voices Heard

Medium wants to hear from its writers, finally.

Finally, I had an email from Medium that wasn’t spam about a submission or a random comment or clap.

It was something I was excited about. Medium’s Research team wanted to hear from its writers to improve based on feedback.

But the excitement was short-lived.

The survey was meant for only US based writers, which I guess is fair in the majority/consensus ruled world.

My appeal to fellow writers on Medium, who are based in the US, is to please make our voices heard. What do we want?

  • Transparency on “distribution” and better algorithms
  • Equal opportunity for each piece of content to shine based on quality and no other factor
  • Reader-friendly and dynamic ways of accessing their favorite writers and content
  • Less of “Medium publication” crap constantly pushed to the reader
  • Just more relevant eyeballs for all our work

It is a tiny request. Please don’t disappoint.

Yours sincerely,

Eternal Optimist.

Thinker, finance professional, loving husband, a doting dad, fitness enthusiast! MBA in Finance & Marketing and Comp. Science Engineer.

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