Dear Reader— What would YOU like to read?

I can’t decide so I am here to ask the boss

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1 min readSep 15, 2021


I’ve recently been far from my prolific best in terms of writing frequency.

If you have ever followed the stuff I write, you will know i have no niche but I write very frequently on certain topics and on others I dabble when I feel like.

For a while I was publishing a bunch of true crime, both because it was fun and it got awesome readtimes. Then I stopped doing that — true crime is riveting but it is also sorta sad.

I love to write about things that matter — history, diversity, equality, current issues but also everything from writing, content creation, reading, random facts, quirks of the English language, sports, technology, climate and a whole host of other things.

I also dabble into humor every now and then but not sure if I leave you rolling on the floor.

Since I am struggling to find that next bit of inspiration — help me a little?

I will try to write exactly what you tell me to the extent that I find myself capable of doing justice to the topic, and it isn’t against any of my personal principles. This is me buying insurance against a comment that is outrageously challenging or plain weird.

Specific topic, genre, whatever.

So go ahead help me, and challenge me in the process.

P.S. If noone ends up reading this, I will find something eventually that inspires me to get back on the writing spree.



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