Black Widow Granny — Murderer of 5 Husbands, or Victim of Bad Luck?

Betty Neumar’s intriguing story spanning over six decades

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Betty, with her daughters Peggy and Kelly | Source: Murderpedia

Long before most of us were born, there was potentially a criminal mastermind that knew the true meaning of loving someone to death — literally.

This is a woman who married five different men over the span of several decades, four of who were found shot dead at various points in life, not necessarily when they were still married to her.

The police never really found the common link between the killings or enough evidence to arrest her — and by the time they did charge her with one of the murders, she died of Cancer-related complications.

The story of Betty Neumar is probably crazier than the wildest imaginations of the most brilliant criminal or murder mystery writers.

You couldn’t possibly write a story full of such twists and turns, because truth is often stranger than fiction.

Betty was known by the media by different names including — Black Widow or the Black Widow Granny.

Betty Neumar and Her Five Marriages

Betty Neumar was born in November 1931 in Ohio and graduated from South Point High School in 1949.

Betty was married five times, with her first marriage in 1950 at the age of 19 and her last in 1991 at the age of 60.

In most cases she remarried not very long after her divorce or the death of her previous husband, clearly possessing some charm that helped her find suitors without much effort. Or it could simply be a function of an era before the advent of the internet, and so background information wasn’t as widely known.

  1. Clarence Malone (m. 11/25/1950 — div. 1952) — remarried twice after the couple split and was shot dead on November 27, 1970, in Medina, Ohio
  2. James A. Flynn (m. 02/09/1953 — his death in 1955) — was shot dead on a pier in New York
  3. Nelos Richard Sills (m. abt. 1956 — his death in 1965) — died from an allegedly self-inflicted gunshot wound sustained during an argument the couple was having in a…



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