An Awfully Simple Trick to Weed Out Crappy Content off Medium

Each one of you can help Coach Tony make this platform better

Pranshu "Maverick" Dwivedi


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The new (if you can still call him that) CEO of Medium, Tony Stubblebine, has been doing a quiet but good job of resurrecting Medium.

A lot of the veteran writers feel there are gradual steps towards betterment.

Tom Kuegler is one I believe when it comes to the platform and he has been converted from a non-believer to a re-believer.

But you and I can play our part in helping Tony – in a very simple way.

I have often noticed an article show up in my feed that has infuriated me to no end just via its title.

I click in to find 50 comments and give it a fair read, only to have the content aggravate me even more.

Then, I go through the content and I realize the readers have all bashed the writer for awfully biased, often hateful, racist, sexist, or some kind of ass****-ish views.

So, my initial assessment of the article, its content, and inevitably its author is justified and accurate.

However, in the process, we have all given the article plenty of views, read time, and as a result a further boost on the platform’s algorithm.

Algorithms reward engagement – good or bad

If you didn’t already know – Medium and social media platforms in general, want content that will invoke extreme reactions – positive or negative – as that is the stuff that goes viral and brings views, audience, and hence money to a platform.

The bad part is that “all publicity is good publicity.”

So when an algorithm sees an article get 50 comments in very little time, it sees it as a hit and promotes it further.

Now, you and I have expressed our discontent with the author’s crappy views while the author basks in their virality and watches their numbers n dollars earned go up.


In another story, you loved and agreed with every bit and left with a smile.



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