Mud-slinging will most often stain your own clothes too.

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Across a nine-month journey with over 250 stories.

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Albert Flick gave enough warning signs before his second murder.

Albert Flick (Left) and his two murder victims | Courtesy: dailymail

Medium wants to hear from its writers, finally.

Understanding the problem is the start of the solution.

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When expert advice can lead you to disaster.

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Our hotel had a “virtual” happy hour every day!

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You don’t always need to be a subject-matter expert to write well

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Being famous for the wrong things is worse than being unknown.

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A lonely Facebook fanatic ripped apart two families over an internet fight.

(From L to R) Barbara, Jenelle and Marvin Potter | Image courtesy: TimesFreePress

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Thinker, finance professional, loving husband, a doting dad, fitness enthusiast! MBA in Finance & Marketing and Comp. Science Engineer.

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