Hotness, aging, and thirst for something new are the 3 factors that can increase our collective attention span

There is no such thing as an attention span. There is only the quality of what you are viewing. This whole idea of an attention span is, I think, a misnomer. People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.

Jerry Seinfeld

When you are the world’s richest comedian at a net worth of nearly a billion dollars, this statement probably holds true. Jerry Seinfeld is a master entertainer, and the decades of honing his art have led him to command “infinite” attention.

However, in a practical scenario, there is no such thing as an infinite attention…

Korena Roberts then claimed the baby as her own

The biggest support group for first-time moms comes from other moms who have been there and done that. In addition to the wealth of experience that comes from first-hand parenting, there is also the added benefit of used baby stuff for free or at a huge discount.

It was this exact incentive that led to the death of an unsuspecting Heather Snively.

In 2009, in the state of Oregon, 21-year-old Snively was expecting her first child. It was going to be a baby boy, and she was elated about it. …

5 bizarre dietary secrets of the world’s best athletes.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be the world’s best at just about anything? Especially when it comes to physical sports that essentially demand you to be in the best shape compared to the billions of other people on earth to hold a world record. As the Olympics are underway in Tokyo, the world’s best athletes are in action and at the center of everyone’s focus.

I’ve always thought of finding the secrets of the diets of these elite athletes. While I can’t have their genetics or their work ethic and years of hard work, I am sure…

Nona Belomesoff went camping hoping to rescue animals

Christopher James Dannevig was a convicted criminal out on parole, in Sydney, Australia. He had been imprisoned for six months for attacking a 15-year-old girl at knifepoint on a track in the bushes.

A couple of bypassers who happened to be there at the right time led to Dannevig aborting his intended crime mid-way. Had they not intervened, the incident might well have resulted in sexual assault, attempted murder, or even murder.

However, while out on parole for this crime, 20-year-old Dannevig would prove that his intention may have been murder all along.

A fake Facebook profile and the bait

Dannevig first came across 18-year-old Nona Belomesoff…

A baby shower I attended with my wife made me realize this.

This past Saturday, we were excited to be going to the baby shower of one of our friends. We met this couple thanks to our son’s playdate and realized they’ve got more in common with us than we’d known — let’s call them Adam and Eve for anonymity.

Eve went to the same school as my wife for the same Master’s degree only a few years prior to my wife. Adam went to a Business school for his MBA that was an arch-rival of my Business school, and we in fact even crossed paths at an inter-school sports meet.


Daniel Wozniak killed two in an attempt to frame his neighbor for murder.

Daniel Wozniak and Rachel Mae Buffett were both struggling actors in California, trying to make their Hollywood dream work. Los Angeles is an extremely expensive city to live in until you’ve really made it, and so the two lived in Costa Mesa, a city in the Orange County of California, only about 37 miles southeast of LA.

Being an aspiring actor is a tough life. I’ve got friends who’re leading that same life in the Indian film industry of Bollywood. You’ve got to keep up appearances, and that’s something that comes at a cost.

Acting should be bigger than life…

Racism and vandalism have no room in sport, or anywhere.

The UEFA Euro 2020 (being played in 2021) was like no other. France, the pre-tournament favorite was eliminated by an underdog like Switzerland.

England, always a combination of stars, but hardly ever a star team, finally lived up to its potential. Italy, as they always do in major tournaments, came together as a team and went to the final to stake their claim for the honors.

England came tantalizingly close but lost in a way that is always excruciatingly painful for any sports team or fan — the penalty shootout, which is the closest a sporting competition gets to be…

William Bonin sexually abused and killed boys and young men.

In the 1970s, California's freeways weren’t a safe place to be. There were at least three known serial killers prowling on these freeways and habitually killing people.

It is believed that the three serial killers among them had over 130 victims whose lives they claimed over the span of about a decade.

One of these vicious serial killers was William Bonin, a man who would later be convicted of 14 murders, would claim to have had 21 victims, but could possibly be guilty of having killed more than 35 victims.

The commonality between the victims? They were all young men…

3 lessons from billion-dollar-works Avatar and Lord of the Rings.

JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is estimated to have made a total amount of $2.25 billion from book sales alone. In addition, the movie franchise made close to $3 billion as one of the most successful trilogies to be ever made.

That is a whopping sum of over $5 billion as a result of one brilliant book.

However, like all good things, this sort of success requires effort, and most importantly — time.

It took Tolkien a total of twelve years to write the book. To put this into context, an average author takes about 4–8 months to complete…

Sorry, but “side hustles” are just that — a “side” thing.

Side hustles are cool right now. Traditional jobs are the literal hell hole everyone’s trying to escape and running towards the paradise of freelancing, working on their own accord, side-hustles, and more.

If there is an equivalent to “satan” in the job industry, it surely is called the “9-to-5 job.”

But, wait, why the sudden shift? Haven’t our parents, their parents, and generations before done these boring jobs and turned out alright? My father spent 38 years — all his working life in one job. …

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